Board meetings will now be live streamed on YouTube

Beginning July 14, viewers of Tacoma School Board business meetings will be able to watch meetings live-streamed on the TPS YouTube channel. Board business meetings will no longer stream on Facebook.

In addition to YouTube, viewers can continue to watch School Board Business Meetings live on KTPS TV in Tacoma on Comcast Channel 26 or Click/Rainier Connect Channel 25.

High school graduations and other selected school events will continue to be live-streamed on the TPS Facebook page and KTPS TV, recordings will also be posted to YouTube after the events.

All TPS student laptops have access to the TPS YouTube page (Facebook is restricted on student devices.) Viewers can subscribe and follow the district on YouTube to receive notifications for live-stream business meetings. Recordings of business meetings will also be posted to YouTube.

Policy and regulation updates

During the June 9 meeting, the Board approved updates to policies 1400 and 1430 and regulation 1400R, providing guidance and outlining how TPS conducts meetings and how the public can provide comments. The updates to the policies and regulation ensure the district is compliant with recent changes to the Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA). Updates include specifying which meetings will be broadcast, or recorded, outlining the time frame of posting meeting notices, and providing the opportunity to provide public comment if a person may have an obstacle in physically attending a meeting.

Ways to provide public comment

Public comment can be provided to the Board verbally during in-person business meetings, through written comment, or email. In-person verbal comments are recorded, and written comments are attached to the agenda.